About moi

Name Arifa Careem
Age 14 (15 is August 1999)
Home Hong Kong (and I'm proud!)
School Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School
Hobbies reading, writing poems, stories and novels, chatting online aswell as off, listening to music and just hanging with my close friends.
Fave Artists (in order of greatness!) Backstreet Boys, Silverchair, Offspring, Billie, Korn.
Fave Movies She's All That (Freddie Prinze JR is the stuff that dreams are made of!), Men in Black.

Well, I've been connected for about four years now and during that time I created about seven websites. I've just completed my new one Planet Pop. and I'm getting rid of a most of them, like my Sweet Valley sites (never buy them anymore), Backstreet Boys, Princess Diana and Leonardo DiCaprio simply cause I don't have the time and since I haven't updated them in eons, they're just trash in cyberspace. Within the next year you're gonna see some new stuff from me, like a new homepage and a young writers forum.
In school, I like taking part in extra-curricular activities such as the Computer Club, French Club and the school paper. Right now I'm working on a webpage for our school so that will be very cool aswell.

Anyway, here are some pics of friends (and non-friends too!). I'll be getting more so all EK students, watch this space. Sorry but some of them aren't of very good quality cause I had to convert them from Bitmap to GIF

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