Wondering what this is all about? Well I'm holding the (drumroll, please!) Vision Awards where you can vote for the best of the best of this millenium. But since the title 'Best of the Millenium' is a very important title and not to be taken lightly these award will be taken seriously. The winners will be decided through a series of rounds:

Round 1 First anyone will be able to vote for whom/which/whatever they want and I give you my word all votes will be taken seriously.
Round 2 After counting the votes for each category, the top ten for each will be displayed and you guys are gonna have to vote for the one you think best.
Round 3 The winners will be displayed on my site and I think seeing the result will be worth the tedious voting sequence!

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All votes will become my property once submitted and votes cannot be withdrawn or changed. Please vote only once and votes without any identification will be deleted.

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