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Well, I haven't updated in ages and I'm very sorry. But I'm working on a site named Scott Foley AKA Noel Crane. I hope you'll visit it! And if you have any ideas for this site please email me!

Planet Pop, the ULTIMATE music website Actresses, actors, movie reviews..... For young writers who want to give their work some coverage.
Find about the webmaser; moi! The Vision Awards; Vote for what you think is the best and worst of this millenium! Email me with your feedback!
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I hope you like my homepage and please come back often 'cause it's always under constuction!!! Also, if you want help with some of the pages like Planet Pop or YWF then drop me a line and we'll see if you're gonna be a webmaster!

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I do not know Freddie Prinze JR, the Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities featured on my pages and have no link to them whatsoever so don't email me with lunch requests! This page is made for fun only and I take no responsibility for anyone's reaction to it. If you don't like it then don't read it!

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